Unveiling the Essence of AW23: Stanley/Stella and My Needs Are Simple

Welcome to the realm of My Needs Are Simple, where organic clothing decoration meets the exceptional essence of Stanley/Stella's AW23 collection. We're thrilled to introduce you to a collaboration that marries style, sustainability, and innovation in the most captivating way possible.

Within the heart of our philosophy lies a partnership with Stanley/Stella, a brand that resonates with our values and dedication to positive transformation. As we delve into the enchanting world of AW23, you'll discover how this collection encapsulates the essence of our shared mission.

Imagine garments that transcend the ordinary, each piece thoughtfully crafted with a fusion of style and sustainability. Stanley/Stella, since their inception in 2012, has ardently strived to reinvent fashion for a better world. Their vision aligns perfectly with My Needs Are Simple, where every piece tells a story of responsible practices and impeccable quality.

The AW23 collection

Is a testament to this dedication. Picture a tapestry of designs, each one a reflection of the power of everyday choices. From the dynamic new softshell range to the captivating extensions of the Dry Range, and the iconic Drummer 2.0 hoodie elevated to new heights, this collection is an embodiment of our commitment to innovation.

 As you embark on this journey with us, consider the city
that echoes our ethos – Rotterdam. Just as Stanley/Stella and My Needs Are Simple champion positive change, this city embraces innovation, tackling challenges with a spirit that aligns perfectly with the AW23 collection's themes.

So, when you choose Stanley/Stella through My Needs Are Simple, you're embracing more than just clothing. You're embracing a movement, a story, and a vision for a better future. Join us in shaping a world where fashion meets sustainability, where style meets consciousness, and where each garment carries a message of hope.

Let AW23 by Stanley/Stella and My Needs Are Simple inspire you to make choices that matter – for you, for the environment, and for a brighter tomorrow.

stanley stella and my needs are simple



By popular demand, Stanley/Stella has given the Drummer hoodie a style upgrade with new premium detailing. Featuring the same great fit and fabric, the Drummer 2.0 has a self-lined hood for more body and structure, and flat drawcords for a more finished look.

- New premium detailing
- Inclusive unisex design
- 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester
- Size range up to 5XL in 10 colours


Introducing the new

Discoverer and Navigator softshell jackets

Modern and gender fitted, maximum comfort,
sustainable and made to be decorated.



Live differently
Dry Range

AW23 brings exciting styles that
integrate seamlessly in new ways of working, connecting, and being.