DTG or Direct To Garment printing is the latest in apparel decoration technology.

DTG printing makes it possible to print complex multi-colour designs in a single step so you could have 1 colour or 100 for the same consistent price. This printing technology is the ideal solution for a print on demand fulfilment business and short runs and produces outstanding quality prints that are both soft and vibrant.

Another positive to DTG printing is there are no minimum orders so you can have a single garment or multiple and we can turn this order around very quickly as we just require a high-quality print file.

We only print using water-based ink.

Using Kornit as our preferred DTG solution means we have access to their industry leading Neo-Pigment water-based inks. These are perfect for achieving high quality prints and conform to the highest retail demand and durability standards. These inks provide high elasticity, non-cracking attributes, provide increased colour gamut and vibrancy.

These are not only great for printing but are a much more sustainable option for the planet. Read more about our inks below.