Screen Printing

Screen printing is the classic way to print a t-shirt, it is the art of pushing ink through the holes of a silk screen stencil. The prints are both vibrant and long lasting. It is the cost effective solution for large print runs.

Most Screen printers generally use plastisol inks, it is easier and cheaper but once mastered, screen printing with water-based inks can be far more rewarding. The prints are much softer, every bit as vibrant and much kinder to the environment. We are not a printer who dips our toes in and out of water based printing. We will only screen print with water based inks, as they are the environmentally-responsible solution.

Why opt for water-based ink?

Compared to water-based, plastisol inks are much easier to work with and generally any entry-level printer can get away with using them which is one of the biggest reasons screen printers have not yet made the switch.

Plastisol inks are a bad choice for the environment as it is basically liquid plastic. Water based inks on the other hand are much kinder to the environment. They are made up of 100% bio-degradable colour pigments suspended in water.

It takes a lot of practice and attention to detail to really get good results with water-based inks. Our in-house team are equipped with years of experience and ready to answer any questions you may have.


iQ-Oval Automatic Press

iQ-Oval Automatic Press

ASPE rapid tag

We have invested in the very best screen print presses available. We have the innovative MHM iQ oval automatic press, the M&R Chameleon manual press as well as the ASPE Rapid Tag branding press.

We only print using water-based ink.

Plastisol and other plastic based inks are a thing of the past and you won't find any of these at any stage in our production line. All our inks and pigments are only water-based, making them much more sustainable, all without impacting the print quality, price or durability of our products.

We are one of the few garment printing companies in the UK to offer this service.