Beechfield® Original Headwear

Introducing the sustainable collection from Beechfield® Original Headwear - a brand that combines fashion and environmental responsibility. Their latest collection of recycled and organic styles meets the ever-growing consumer demand for eco-friendly fashion, and their commitment to sustainability is showcased in every product they offer.

Beechfield® Original Headwear's 100% Recycled Polyester collection includes the B45R - the most low-impact composition on the market. These products are not only environmentally friendly but also durable enough to last for years to come. The brand's Autumn/Winter collection of recycled fleece is perfect for intrepid adventurers, made entirely from 100% GRS certified recycled polyester, these essential accessories effectively wick moisture and provide excellent breathability, while still retaining warmth.

In the Spring/Summer collection, Beechfield® Original Headwear is expanding the recycled collection with the B84R Recycled Polyester Bucket Hat. Made from 100% GRS certified recycled polyester, this design uses approximately 1.5 recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Their collection is a testament to their belief in wearing, not wasting.

Choose Beechfield® Original Headwear for sustainable and stylish headwear that reduces your impact on the environment. With their commitment to sustainability and the use of recycled and organic materials, you can feel good about the products you purchase from them.


B52N Beechfield Organic Cotton Waffle Beanie


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