By Mantis World


Introducing BabyBugz by Mantis World, a London-based brand dedicated to creating high-quality and responsibly produced garments that are designed for decoration. Since its founding in 2000, Mantis World has been committed to producing "Well Made" garments using premium, soft fabrics and great designs while taking care of everyone involved in the supply chain and being respectful to the planet.

As one of the first adopters of organic cotton in the industry in 2005, the brand has been increasing its use ever since and made a pledge to switch 100% to more sustainable fibres by 2021, which it achieved ahead of schedule. Today, all the cotton used in the production of every one of their garments is organic since 2019. They also introduced recycled polyester to their range and almost all their polyester is now recycled. Mantis World is part of many initiatives and organizations working towards improving our impact, and it makes bold changes in the hope of inspiring others in the industry. They remain committed to a more gentle way of doing business, being an independent brand that embraces the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profitability.

Their brands include Mantis for men and women, Babybugz – the go-to babywear collection in Europe, the premium-quality Superstar range with distinctive soft peached fabrics, the gender-neutral “One” range and Mantis Kids. Whatever the age, shape or size, they have you covered. Mantis World believes that purpose is not something to be used as a marketing tool, but rather at the heart of everything they do. They strive to be sustainable in all aspects of their business, not just a sub-range of their products.

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