A Comprehensive Guide to Our Print-on-Demand Service by My Needs Are Simple

Welcome to our print-on-demand service guide! If you're ready to seamlessly integrate high-quality customised products into your online store, you're in the right place. This guide will walk you through every step, from signing up to managing your products and receiving orders.


Navigating the Path to Brand Success

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, the aspiration to craft a flourishing brand is one that resonates with many. This dream holds the promise of meaningful customer connections and remarkable sales figures. While this vision is undeniably compelling, it's crucial to understand the intricacies of the business environment in which it unfolds.

Amidst the ambition to build a brand that shines, it's important to acknowledge the competitive reality. The market is saturated with a multitude of individuals and businesses offering similar products and services. To truly stand out requires not just a compelling product idea, but a fusion of unyielding motivation and seasoned experience.

At My Needs Are Simple, our commitment lies in providing you with outstanding products that align seamlessly with your brand's essence. Our expertise revolves around crafting items that elevate your brand's identity and maintain high-quality standards. However, it's vital to recognize that while we excel in the realm of product creation, there are other essential dimensions intrinsic to achieving brand success.

Effective marketing, strategic branding, meaningful customer engagement, and the nuances of navigating intricate e-commerce landscapes are aspects that extend beyond the confines of product manufacturing. These elements often demand specialised expertise and comprehensive support, particularly for brands seeking to make a significant impact from the outset.

As you embark on your brand-building expedition, it's crucial to embrace the holistic nature of achieving success. While we are dedicated to producing products that faithfully echo your vision, we acknowledge the multifaceted realm of brand development.

It's worth noting that brand triumph emerges from a blend of unwavering commitment, adaptability, and a willingness to learn. If you carry the fervor and a profound comprehension of the intricate dynamics at play, your journey holds the promise of remarkable accomplishments. Within our capabilities, we're here to underpin your product creation endeavours and contribute to your brand's evolution. However, it's important to recognise that certain dimensions of brand development require specialised attention and expertise.

For those embarking on their initial steps, it's essential to consider whether our service aligns with your brand's trajectory. Given the investments inherent in the pursuit of brand building, it's prudent to acknowledge that the competitive landscape may pose challenges for those not familiar or have no experience in the industry. Our service may be better suited for those who already possess a foundation of experience and insight, as this foundation can significantly enhance your brand's chances of thriving. This is not us saying that we don’t take on start-up brands, but it’s something you’ll want to consider before signing up and getting on board with us. We will require you to have a good understanding on the of how the back end of the desired marketplace works as well as an understanding of selected design software.

Should you have questions, we encourage you to reach out. Your dedication to charting a path to success is admirable, and we're enthusiastic about accompanying you on this transformative journey.


Section 1: Getting Started

1.1 Signing Up:

  • Begin by visiting our print-on-demand page.
  • Make sure you meet the criteria, such as MQO, print services required etc.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Please note that our service is currently available for UK customers only.

1.2 Store Integration:

  • We offer integration with platforms like Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace (plus more).
  • Familiarity with e-commerce back-end processes is essential, we only recommend customers with experience of using the relevant marketplace to integrate with our services. Start-up up bands with no e-commerce experience is not recommend and may not be accepted.
  • Please be aware that our integration process has a more manual approach than alternatives on the market. There are pros and cons to this, but will essentially provide you with more control over your brand.

Section 2: Step-by-Step Process

2.1 Product Selection and Pricing:

  • Choose from our exclusive Stanley/Stella brand, clearly listed on our website.
  • Pricing is based on decoration services and garment costs, detailed on the pricing page.

2.2 Application Review and Consultation:

  • Our team reviews your application and schedules a convenient Zoom call.
  • Use this call to clarify any queries about our service, pricing, or processes. our staff will use this time to ask questions about your brand and the plans you have for marketing and developing the brand.

2.3 Terms and Conditions:

  • Upon acceptance, we'll provide you with our terms and conditions for your review and signature.

2.4 Store Access and Integration Charges:

  • Grant us access to your online store through Shopify Partners or other means.
  • An integration charge of £100.00 per customer applies, payable upon invoice receipt.
  • A direct debit will be set-up, to ensure seamless payment of goods and orders.

2.5 Integration and Product Setup:

  • Our team manually integrates your store with our order management system.
  • A Zoom call guides you through seamless product integration.

2.6 Resource Sharing:

  • Gain access to a shared Dropbox for tools, guides, and storing print files and mock-ups.

2.7 Listing Your Products:

  • After the call, begin listing your customised products on your website.
  • Use your Dropbox to add print files and organise resources.

2.8 Pre-Launch Review:

  • We review a few products before your store goes live, ensuring everything is set up correctly.

2.9 Store Launch:

  • Once satisfied that you are following our guidelines, your store can go live.

2.10 Customisation and Mock-Up Creation:

  • Generating mock-up imagery is essential.
  • You can use images from our customiser tool or utilize external platforms like Placeit for creating professional mock-ups.

2.11 Product Mock-Up and Print File Guidelines:

  • Ensure all mock-up images accurately represent the final product.
  • Mock-ups should display designs clearly and at the appropriate scale.
  • We require all print files to be sized to the print size required. They will need to be high-quality images with a minimum resolution of 150dpi and a max resolution of 300dpi. We require all transparent areas to be cropped and be in PNG format.

2.12 Integration Timeframe:

  • Please note that the onboarding process generally takes around a week, but can depend on customer needs and requirments.
  • Our dedicated production team handles the integration process in parallel with order processing.

Section 3: Order and Invoicing Process

3.1 Automated Invoicing:

  • Customer orders trigger automated processing and confirmation.
  • Payment is debited via direct debit within 5 working days.

3.2 Payout Alignment:

  • Payment timing aligns with the relevant marketplace's payout schedule.

3.3 Payment Confirmation:

  • Once the direct debit payment is successfully processed, you will receive a payment confirmation email.
  • This email will serve as acknowledgment of payment receipt for your records.

3.4 Tracking and Delivery:

  • Once an order is processed and dispatched, you will receive tracking information.
  • This tracking information will allow you to keep your customers informed about their orders' delivery status.

Additional Notes:

  • Support Channels:
    If you need assistance, our support team is ready to help. Contact us via the provided email address, support page, or phone number.
  • Customer Success Stories:
    Curious about success stories? Check out testimonials from satisfied customers who've experienced our service, as well as some of the featured brands on our web store.
  • FAQ Section:
    Want quick answers? Peruse our FAQ section for common inquiries about integration, customisation, mock-ups, and more.
  • Legal Considerations:
    We emphasise the importance of adhering to copyright and intellectual property laws when utilising our services. It's crucial to ensure that you possess the rightful ownership or licensing rights for any designs you upload for printing. As you engage with our service, it's vital to understand and respect these legal considerations.

Confirmation of Artwork Ownership:
Within our Terms and Conditions, you will be required to affirm that all artwork you provide for printing is your original creation or that you hold the appropriate rights to use it. This step is pivotal in maintaining ethical and legal integrity within our creative community.

Sole Responsibility for Legal Actions:
In the event that any legal issues arise concerning the designs you submit, it's important to recognise that you bear sole responsibility for addressing and resolving such matters. This includes any legal actions that may arise as a result of copyright disputes or other infringements.
We strongly encourage you to take the time to ensure that you have the proper rights to the designs you intend to print. By doing so, you contribute to a collaborative and ethical environment where creative works are respected and protected. Please familiarise yourself with the legal implications and obligations outlined in our Terms and Conditions, and feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns. Your commitment to respecting intellectual property rights is instrumental in maintaining the integrity of our community and service.

  • Feedback Loop: We value your input! Share your thoughts after your initial experience, helping us enhance our service.


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